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Stock Verification Unit


The Unit reports directly to the Permanent Secretary.  It is responsible for a comprehensive verification of all the stock and purchases of the Ministry with the main objective of providing a complete and continuous verification of stock and other moveable properties of the Ministry whether purchased, acquired or donated.  It is divided into four sub-units:

(a)    Pre-payment verification

(b)    Post-payment verification

(c)    Works and service

(d)    Administration and secretarial


  • Verify pre-payment of all supplies procured on Local Purchase Orders;

  • Verify all stores procured on cash advances, out of pocket expenses etc;

  • Verify pre-payment of all works, services and repairs at the point of  delivery;

  • Perform 100% counting; weighing and insuring of Allocated and Unallocated stores;

  • Prepare stock verification schedule, stock survey forms, stores Form 8 and 9, Treasury form 146 and 147;

  • Conduct stock survey of store procured through Local Purchase Orders or contract;

  • Carry out stock check of plants, vehicles and equipments wherever located, including verification of plant ledger;

  • onduct stock taking in all sub-stores.

  • Take inventory in Government Offices and Residential Quarters;

  • Maintain records of unserviceable, obsolete stores and condemned stores at condemned stores depot;

  • Treat matters relating to Board of Survey and Enquiries.


The Federal Government has set a December 2013 deadline for full implementation of the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Management System (IPPIS) and the Government Integrated Financial Management System (GIFMIS),


Servicom Unit


The Ministerial Servicom Unit (MSU) was established by the directive of the Federal Executive Council through a circular issued by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation on March, 10, 2005.


  • Spearhead the Ministry; Extra-Ministerial Department or Parastatals Service Delivery Initiative through Servicom compliance;

  • Produce, review and monitor performance of charter from the Ministry and it’s Parastatals;

  • Manage the Ministry’s customer relations policy including opportunities for customer feedback on services;

  • Institute a complaints procedure including Grievance Redress mechanism for Ministry and it’s Parastatals;

  • Institute appropriate market research techniques in identifying customer needs and expectations;

  • Ensure the promotion of quality assurance and best practices in the Ministry’s performance of its functions;

  • Provide a comprehensive and effective turning policy for frontline staff on customer relations and related matters;

  • Disseminate best practices and other tips on service delivery improvement;

  • Serve as a link between the Ministry and Servicom office;

  • Serve as the secretariat of the Ministry’s service delivery Committee;

  • Manage links with strategic partners and other stakeholders on Service Delivery, Market Research, Customer Care/Returns etc.

  • Facilitate a safe and conducive working environment for staff at all levels of service delivery.