The Chairman of the Finance Commissioners’  Forum Barrister Timothy Odaah who made this known yesterday during a courtesy visit to the Minister stressed that the monthly meeting attended by all the 36 States Commissioners of Finance and representatives of the nation’s revenue generating agencies has become more robust and efficient because of the personality and accommodating nature of Yuguda.
Odaah who is also Ebonyi State Commissioner for Finance said: “As the Chairman of the Finance Commissioners Forum, I personally appreciate the coming of the Honourable Minister of State for Finance, and in our forum meeting yesterday night, we unanimously passed a vote of confidence on him based on the way he conducts the FAAC meetings, starting from the first day on the chair.
“The FAAC meeting has become much more robust since he took over as the chairman. For instance, take inventory of yesterday (Tuesday)’s attendance of FAAC meeting, it recorded massive attendance, unlike before. At a stage many people were not attending because they thought it was a shoddy affair. But this time if you miss the meeting, it is like missing a good sermon in your place of worship.”
The Commissioner also claimed that Yuguda has made significant impact in ensuring that the relevant agencies that had hitherto been staying away from the meeting, now do attend FAAC. “For instance, the Petroleum Products Pricing and Regulating Agency (PPPRA) which over time, had stayed away from the meeting has started coming since the assumption of office of the new minister. That is why we say that he probably has an infectious charisma and a magic wand.”
Noting that  Yuguda is a team player because of his humility,  listening ear, accommodating mind and objectivity, the Commissioner further  said: “He allows you to complete your dance before he comes in, even if there are corrections to be made. He demonstrates a sign of a good administrator based on his competence which informs his well placed comments at every point in time.  That is impressive.”
Odaah however urged the minister to look into genuine complaints from non-FAAC bodies, especially with “regards to such complaints from aggrieved creditors who have genuine claims against any of the Government stakeholders in the Federation Account based on legitimate claims from legal commitments.
 He added that every claim “should be treated on its own merit to avoid such situation whereby beneficiaries of some favours would use FAAC as an excuse to renege on their reciprocatory obligations.”