Procurement Division


The Procurement Department is the Instrument through which the Public Procurement Act 2007 is implemented in the Ministry. The Bureau of Public Procurement has established general policies and guidelines relating to public sector procurement and for supervising procurement implantation as well as reviewing the procurement and award of contract procedure of the Ministry including certifying all procurements prior to the award of contract.

The Division is made up of two Branches i.e. Capital and Recurrent and it is responsible for the processing of all procurement of contracts for Goods and Services in the Ministry. The Department is currently headed by an Acting Director.


  • Coordinate the preparation of the Ministry’s Procurement plan.

  • Process all awards of contracts and issue letters of Award/Job order for the Ministry.

  • Process all contracts above the approving limits of Parastatals/ Agencies under the supervision of the Ministry.

  • Liaise with the Bureau of public Procurement on all Procurement matters.

  • Participate in the preparation of Annual Budget and Rolling plans.

  • Monitor and evaluate projects executed by the Ministry/ Parastatals and other procurement activities.

  • Prepare Reports and returns on all Procurement activities

  • Process disposal of Unserviceable items,

  • Ensure Tender Advertisement

  • Ensure Delivery and Inspection of Goods/ Works

  • Ensure all Procurement process are strictly followed in accordance with public Procurement Act/{Plan

  • Establish pricing standards/ benchmark/ market survey.

  • Ensure fair competition; transparent and value for money for the Procurement of Public Assets.

  • Liaise with the Bureau of Public Procurement and obtain Certificate of “No Objection” to contract award in line with prior review threshold.

  • Provide functional secretariat for the Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB), Procurement Planning Committee and Evaluation Committee; and any other ad-hoc duties that may be assigned by management.


Press and Protocol

PRESS AND PROTOCOL UNIT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Public and Media Relations Unit of the Federal Ministry of Finance is an extension of the Federal Ministry of Information and Communication established to provide effective Public Relations and Public Information management to the Ministry.


  • Formulate and articulate a dynamic strategy for achieving effective Media and Public Relations functions to the Ministry;

  • Responsible for projecting the programmes, policies, plans and activities of the Ministry through Press Releases/ Statements, Press Conferences, Features Articles, Pamphlets, Brochures, Posters, Films/Photos, Journals and Public Lectures;

  • Provide adequate Press coverage of all activities of the Ministry and ensure prompt and detailed publicity of the Ministry’s policies and programmes;

  • Monitor all public opinion and reactions to the Ministry’s/ Extra Ministerial Departments’ plans, policies, projects and achievements by reviewing and analyzing on a regular basis, all local and foreign media reports, both electronic and print which concern or affects the Ministry and its Extra Ministerial Departments and ensuring that clippings are cut and preserved as future reference materials;

  • Inform, educate and enlighten all the different publics with regards to the activities, actions, policies and programmes of the Ministry;

  • Issue rejoinders, where the need arises, on any adverse publication on the activities of the Ministry/Extra Ministerial Department and attend to press enquiries;

  • Organize and provide press coverage of familiarization tours and facility visits;

  • Carry out a post-campaign evaluation of the enlightenment programmes;

  • Place in the mass media all advertisements, jingles and announcements for the Ministry/Extra Ministerial Department;

  • Liaise with the Federal Ministry of Information and related Government Agencies.

  • Liaise with Ministry of Foreign Affairs in processing of Note Verbale for officers of the Ministry who are on official assignment outside the country.

  • Process Standard/Official Passport at the Nigerian Immigration Service Office.

  • Provide Protocol formalities for the HMF, HMSF, Perm Sec and DG Budget at the Airport and other engagement/functions.

  • Provide protocol assistance to the immediate families of the HMF, HMSF, Perm Sec and DG Budget as directed.

  • Liaise with event organizers at functions involving the principal officers of the Ministry.

  • Provide Hotel Reservation for both local and foreign delegates on events hosted by the Ministry.

Internal Audit


The Internal Audit Unit of the Ministry of Finance is established by Financial Regulations Chapter 20 to amongst other things provide a complete and continuous audit of the accounts and records of revenue and expenditure, Plants, Allocated stores and unallocated stores, where applicable.  The Internal Audit Functions include: provisions of assurance to management that there are adequate system of Internal control, the policies and procedures established by management are procedures complied with, the financial data  furnished to management in connection to decision making process are reliable and to draw the management’s attention to deficiencies in Organization, instances of duplicated functions, checking of wastage.

The Unit is sub-divided into five for effective operational reasons:

  1. Pre-payment Auditing

  2. Post-Payment Auditing

  3. Advances Unit

  4. Salaries

  5. Monitoring and Evaluation

  6. Management Auditing.

i.    Provide assurance to management that:

  • There is an adequate system of internal control which is not excessive to requirements;

  • The policies and procedures established by management are being complied with, are appropriate in current circumstance and not  wasteful;

  • The accounting records form a reliable basis for the production of the budgetary appropriation, accounting statements and other accounts, including where appropriate, management and trading accounts;

  • The Financial data furnished to management in connection with decision-making process are reliable.


ii.    Draw the attention of management to:

  • Deficiencies  in the organization’s system of control;

  • Instance of duplicated functions, suggest  remedy where possible, and follow up to ensure that corrective action is taken.


Legal Unit


The Legal Unit of the Ministry handles all legal matters in the Ministry and its Parastatals.  The Unit serves as the advisory arm of the various Departments and Units of the Ministry.  The Head of the Unit is designated Director (Legal) and is required to advice the Honourable Minister of Finance, Honourable Minister of State Finance, Permanent Secretary and the entire Ministry and its Parastatals on all legal matters arising from the activities of the Ministry.



    Proffer Legal Opinion and Advice on all matters relating to the running of the Ministry and investigate claims or disputes arising from agreements entered into between the Ministry and other parties.

    Represent the Ministry in litigation matters at the various Federal High Courts and State High Courts throughout the Federation and Appeals in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

    Represent the Ministry in negotiations, settlements out of Court and in Arbitration Tribunals.

    Represent the Ministry at Public Hearings at the National Assembly.

    Participate in the negotiation, preparation, drafting and execution of Agreements between the Federal Ministry of Finance and other parties on procurement, service, construction, consultancy etc. on capital and recurrent expenditures.

    Participate in the negotiation, preparation and execution of Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding and other legal documents with States and Federal Government Agencies.

    Represent the Ministry in the negotiation of loans from Multilateral Institutions like the World Bank, African Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) etc.

    Prepare Loan Agreements, Sovereign Guarantees, Requests for Clearance and Legal Opinion from the Federal Ministry of Justice and the preparation of Subsidiary Loan Agreements with participating Ministries, Agencies and States.

    Prepare bilateral Agreements with various Countries and participate in government to government loan negotiations with government of other countries.

    Keep a depository of all Agreements signed by the Ministry of Finance and custody of the Corporate Seal of the Ministry of Finance.

Information & Protocol

Information & Protocol

Information & Protocol