Federal Ministry of Finance Mail and 419 Disclaimer

We receive several emails and other correspondences bordering on Advance Fee Fraud also known as 419 on a daily basis. 419 is a menace to the Federal Ministry of Finance. Scams are carried out by fraudulent people who plan to defraud gullible respondents.


Typically scammers:-

  • often contact you by unsolicited bulk mail, spam email but will eventually start calling by phone as soon as you give them your details
  • claim to have a lot of money stashed away in a Nigerian (African) account but there are several other variants - Inheritance, Wills, Next of kin, Contract claims and recently, Lotteries
  • often need someone to help them transfer it out of the country with a view to sharing the said sum with them.
  • assure you it’s a risk free deal and encourage you to send them your personal details.
  • often lead you on by sending falsified paper work to support what they claim. They often include id cards, passports, faxes, memos, approvals, funds release certificates, fake cheques, fake Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) letter of contract award, agreements, inheritances, fake Federal Ministry of Finance letter head, fake Federal Ministry of Finance stamps, fake CBN letter head, fake NNPC and CBN official stamps, etc.
  • often use yahoo.com (and other free email providers) e-mail address as a medium of communication and not the government approved Nigerian top domain names - i.e. .gov.ng.
  • often mimic Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria domain email accounts and other Financial Institutions to mislead ATM users.
  • Some organized scammers often have a fake Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria website where they post fake documents to support their claims.
  • Their preferred means of transferring money is by Money Gram and Western Union Money Transfer. They will never transfer via secure means like – Swift Code.
  • Almost every scam is done with the name of a fake Federal Ministry of Finance staff or post or position.

* Please confirm all business propositions mailed to you with the Nigerian Embassy in your country or the Director, Legal Services of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Though the Federal Ministry of Finance maintains a fraud helpdesk in her Legal Services Division, the Federal Ministry of Finance may not be obliged to respond to any e-mails in the above scenarios.